After The Service Information

After the service of a loved one, there are things that need to be taken care of legally and financially. Listed below are some items of importance. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

  1. The funeral home has donated a library of books to the Cedar Falls Public Library that focuses on death related issues, such as grief and recovery for survivors. Topics include coping with the loss of a spouse, helping children understand the loss of a loved one, etc.
  2. Acknowledgment Cards (Thank you's) should be sent out one to two weeks after the service. Along with thanking the obvious people (those people who sent flowers, memorials, food dishes, etc.), you should recognize other groups that contributed their time and talents. For example:
    • Police Dept.-if they provided an escort.
    • Any military organization that provided military graveside rites ( A donation is much appreciated).
    • Any fraternal organization that conducted special services.
    • Those people who served the luncheon.
    • Any other individuals or groups who cared for or helped the family in a special way.
    *Some families find it convenient to thank others by having an advertisement printed in the classified section of the local newspaper.
  3. Contact your life insurance agent or company in order to apply for life insurance benefits. Be sure to change beneficiaries on applicable policies (those which currently list the deceased as the primary beneficiary). If you find you are having problems receiving your benefits in a timely manner, please contact us for assistance.
  4. Contact the Social Security Administration as soon as possible following the service. Toll FreeTelephone Number: (888) 456-9554.
    * Currently a death certificate is not required by Social Security. The family may be entitled to a monetary benefit if there is a surviving spouse or minor dependent child. Check with Social Security to see if your family is eligible.
  5. Contact your attorney for any legal advise and to probate the will if necessary.
  6. Inventory the safety deposit box and update those persons with authorization to gain entry.
  7. Update checking accounts, savings accounts, credit card accounts, brokerage accounts, as well as titles to the house, property and automobiles.
  8. Purchase a monument or marker. Many families are inundated with telephone calls and mailings from both local and out-of-state monument companies who wish to sell the family a monument. The family needs to take their time in selecting the appropriate monument or marker for their loved one. Make sure you compare the foundation work when comparing prices.
  9. If applicable, have the deceasedís mail forwarded to the next-of-kinís address. This allows the family to answer the mail in a timely manner.
  10. Contact previous employers regarding possible pension and life insurance benefits.
  11. Additional death certificates can be obtained by contacting your funeral director or by contacting the county recorder where the death took place.

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