Advance Funeral Planning

Three Steps to Advance Funeral Planning

  1. Fill out a biographical information sheet.  Who knows this information better than you?
  2. Explore the many options available ranging from basic cremation to cremation with viewing or a traditional service with earth burial. This step includes selecting merchandise and making decisions on flowers, cemetery, death certificates, honorariums, etc.
  3. Prefunding the service that you have decided upon.

At the Dahl-Van Hove-Schoof Funeral Home we offer many options to help you and your family plan a funeral that will meet your wishes and needs.  Advance funeral planning is an additional service provided by our funeral home at no charge. It is specific and careful planning for funeral services prior to illness or death. All decisions are structured around personal preferences and selections. It provides an opportunity for families to ask questions and clarify needs. Further, advance funeral planning provides peace of mind. It helps you protect yourself and your loved ones from emotional and financial burdens. It prevents emotional overspending at the time of a death because decisions are made thoughtfully and without emotion.

Motivations for advance funeral planning are endless. People pre-plan their funeral to ensure their decisions are honored; because they have family who cannot make immediate decisions; are without immediate family members; or they are entering the Medicaid system and want to protect allowable assets for their funeral. Advance funeral planning most often culminates in pre-payment of funeral expenses. These expenses may be paid in a single payment or in a payment style that meets individual needs. When you plan and pay for your own funeral arrangements, you make a difficult time less stressful for everyone. Planning ahead is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family.


Medicaid Assistance/ Eligibility

Medicaid assistance is offered most often to elderly people who become nursing home bound. At an average of $4,500 per month for nursing home care, many people exhaust their personal funds very rapidly for their care. Once personal funds are exhausted, the county Social Service Board reviews eligibility for permanent Medicaid assistance (Title 19). Generally speaking to qualify in Iowa, a person cannot have more than $2,000 in liquid assets (cash, stocks, CD's, checking account, etc.); may have a life insurance policy with a face value of $1,500 or less; and may have personal items such as clothing, household furnishings, one motor vehicle, etc.

Professionals agree that advance funeral planning is a prudent means of decreasing an individualís assets to the $2,000 limit and the potential financial liability survivors have for funeral expenses. You are allowed to set up a preplanned burial account with the only requirement being that if the total cost of the requested funeral exceeds $7028, an itemized listing of the funeral costs must be given to the Department of Human Services. These funds are not considered by the Social Service Board when eligibility is being reviewed. These funds are sheltered from everyone and can only be used for funeral expenses, ensuring peace of mind for all.


Costs are directly related to the type of services and merchandise selected by the family. This allows survivors to direct resources where they will receive the most value. The types of services available are only limited by the preferences of the family. Costs for services start at $1895. This does not include funeral merchandise.

Merchandise includes caskets, which are priced as low as $455, concrete outer burial containers (the box that surrounds and protects the casket under the ground) start at $590, urns are priced as low as $75, urn vaults are priced starting at $295, and memorial packages (register book, service folders and thank you cards/envelopes) begin at $200.

Non-funeral home costs include certified copies of the death certificate, honorariums for those involved in the service (minister(s) and musicians), cemetery costs, flowers, monument costs, luncheon costs, sales tax, etc.  Feel free to view our General Price List.

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